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A&A Supplement series, Vol. 127, February I 1998, 445-454

Received February 5; accepted June 5, 1997

Optical photometric monitoring of tex2html_wrap_inline1425-ray loud blazarsgif

II. Observations from November 1995 to June 1996

C.M. Raiteritex2html_wrap1449, G. Ghisellinitex2html_wrap1451, M. Villatatex2html_wrap1449, G. De Francescotex2html_wrap1449, L. Lanteritex2html_wrap1449, M. Chiabergetex2html_wrap1459, A. Peilatex2html_wrap1459, and G. Anticotex2html_wrap1449

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tex2html_wrap1465  Osservatorio Astronomico di Torino, Strada Osservatorio 20, I-10025 Pino Torinese (TO), Italy
tex2html_wrap1467  Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Via Bianchi 46, I-22055 Merate, Italy
tex2html_wrap1469  Istituto di Fisica Generale dell'Università, Via Pietro Giuria 1, I-10125 Torino, Italy


New data from the optical monitoring of tex2html_wrap_inline1425-ray loud blazars at the Torino Astronomical Observatory are presented. Observations have been taken in the Johnson's B, V, and Cousins' R bands with the tex2html_wrap_inline1437 REOSC telescope equipped with a tex2html_wrap_inline1439 pixel CCD camera. Many of the 22 monitored sources presented here show noticeable magnitude variations. Periods corresponding to pointings of the Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope (EGRET) on the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (CGRO) satellite are indicated on the light curves. The comparison of our data with those taken by CGRO in the tex2html_wrap_inline1425-ray band will contribute to better understand the mechanism of the tex2html_wrap_inline1425-ray emission. We finally show intranight light curves of 3C 66A and OJ 287, where microvariability was detected.

keywords: galaxies: active -- BL Lacertae objects: general -- quasars: general

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