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A&A Supplement series, Vol 122, February 1997, 243-246

Received 4 July, 1995; accepted 14 March, 1996

GPM1 - a catalog of absolute proper motions of stars with respect to galaxies

S.P. Rybka and A.I. Yatsenko

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Main Astronomical Observatory of National Academy of Sciences, Goloseevo, DSP-650, Kiev-22, Ukraine


The description of the first version of the General Compiled Catalogue of Absolute Proper Motions (GPM1)gif for a sample of tex2html_wrap777 stars, derived with respect to galaxies within the plan called Catalogue of Faint Stars (KSZ, Deutch 1952), is presented. The principal aim of the GPM1 construction was to provide absolute proper motions of stars to determine the rotation of the HIPPARCOS system. The GPM1 catalogue contains 977 tex2html_wrap779 Input Catalogue stars with V magnitudes tex2html_wrap_inline763 in 180 fields north of -25 degrees of declination. The accuracy of the proper motions is 8 mas/yr (milliarcseconds per year). Comparison of proper motions of GPM1 with those of the PPM and ACRS was performed and analyzed with respect to systematic errors caused by spurious rotation of the FK5 system. The standard errors show that the rotation may be determined with an accuracy better than 1 mas/yr.

keywords: astrometry -- reference systems

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