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4. HIC stars in GPM1

Using the results of the above analysis, the compiled catalogue of absolute proper motions for a sample of tex2html_wrap1049 stars was derived from individual catalogues. The sample includes all available tex2html_wrap1051 stars in the selected sky fields with galaxies. The compiled catalogue comprises absolute proper motions for 977 stars in 180 areas north of -25 degrees of declination. The mean square error is 8 mas/yr on average. The standard errors differ from one star to another one depending on the number and quality of individual catalogues. They have been computed and presented for each star. For a single GPM1 field the absolute zero-point error of linking proper motions to the galaxies is 3 mas/yr on average. The error of such a kind depends on the number and compactness of the galaxies available in each field. This information may be found elsewhere (Deutch 1955; Fatchikhin 1959). In addition to absolute proper motions and their mean errors, the catalogue gives the following data for each star: right ascension, declination, epoch for position, V-magnitude and number, copied from HIC. The stars were also identified with the objects of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalogue (SAO) list. Positions are given for equator and equinox J2000.0 on the system of FK5. They were presented to identify the GPM1 stars with those from other catalogues. The data file is sorted by J 2000.0 right ascensions.

Table 2:
Example of the GPM1 catalogue

A sample page from the GPM1 catalogue is given in Table 2 (click here). A brief description of the columns of Table 2 (click here) follows:

Column 1: GPM1 running number.

Column 2: Region number. Numbers from 1 to 205 are given according to the KSZ plan, numbers larger than 205 are NGC numbers of centre galaxies.

Column 3: HIC number.

Column 4: V magnitude, copied from HIC.

Column 5: The right ascension, tex2html_wrap_inline1037, is given for equinox J2000.0, in hours, minutes, and seconds, copied from HIC.

Column 6: The declination, tex2html_wrap_inline1039, is given for equinox J2000.0, in degrees, minutes, and seconds, copied from HIC.

Column 7: The epoch for the position, Ep: blank for J2000.0; otherwise (Epoch-1900), copied from HIC.

Column 8: Absolute proper motion in right ascension, tex2html_wrap_inline1043, is expressed in mas/yr.

Column 9: Absolute proper motion in declination, tex2html_wrap_inline1045, is expressed in mas/yr.

Column 10: Mean error of proper motion, tex2html_wrap_inline1047, is expressed in mas/yr.

Column 11: SAO number.

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