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6. Conclusions

The current phase of the GPM programme has now culminated in the GPM1 catalogue for a sample of tex2html_wrap1109 stars. The GPM1 originates directly from the data reduction of independent initial catalogues containing proper motions referred to galaxies. It may be expected that by combining stars into a compiled catalogue the accuracy of the absolute proper motions will be improved with regard to both random and systematic errors. The first application of the catalogue is the study of rotation of the FK5 system, as reported here. It has been based on a comparison with the PPM and ACRS proper motions. The investigation of proper motion differences PPM-GPM1 and ACRS-GPM1 has shown that the residual rotation of the FK5 system is less than 2 mas/yr. Thus it should be noted that the data from the GPM1 may be used for transferring the tex2html_wrap1111 proper motions to an absolute reference frame. At present the final GPM catalogue is in preparation. It will include proper motions of over 60000 stars, covering the B-magnitude range tex2html_wrap_inline1107.


A long term astrometric programme of such kind as GPM involves several generations of astronomers. To all of them we give our deepest acknowledgement and profound thanks. The authors acknowledge support provided by grant from the ESO. We should like to thank all collaborators participating in programme ``tex2html_wrap1113 extragalactic link by photographic astrometry". Our particular thanks we express to U. Bastian, S. Roeser, C. Turon and V. Kislyuk for fruitful discussion of the manuscript.

Copyright by the European Southern Observatory (ESO)