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1. Introduction

The system determined from the observations carried out by the ESA satellite tex2html_wrap781 provides an exclusively precise catalogue. However, the highly accurate tex2html_wrap783 reference frame needs a link to an inertial coordinate system. There are some methods for the link of the tex2html_wrap785 data using ground based observations. One of them deals with the use of absolute proper motion of stars determined with respect to galaxies by means of photographic astrometry. Preliminary results have shown that this method is competitive with other more expensive techniques (Yatsenko et al. 1987).

Proper motion programmes that may be used for the link are in progress at several observatories (Lick, U.S.A.; Hamburg, Bonn and Potsdam, Germany; Kiev, Ukraine). The Kiev part is based on the application of absolute proper motions of stars obtained from photographic observations on the programmes called Catalogue of Faint Stars (KSZ, Deutch 1952) and Study of the Main Meridional Section of the Galaxy (MEGA, Kharchenko 1987). The present paper is devoted to the description of the new version of the compiled catalogue performed within the KSZ programme.

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