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Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 142, 217-223

Catalogue général de vitesses radiales moyennes pour les étoiles galactiques[*]

Mean radial velocities catalog of galactic stars

M. Barbier-Brossat - P. Figon

Send offprint request: M. Barbier-Brossat

Observatoire de Marseille, 2 place Le Verrier, F-13248 Marseille Cedex 04, France

Reçu le 4 novembre ; accepté le 24 novembre 1999


We present a catalogue of mean radial velocities for Galactic stars which supplements the catalogue WEB (Duflot et al. 1995) with observations published through december 1990. The catalogue contains new mean velocities for 20574 stars. Only observations obtained with adequate spectral resolution and standardized to the IAU or Wilson (1953) velocity systems have been used. Entries in the WEB mean radial velocities catalogue have been taken to represent the mean of all earlier measurements, to which the new data have been combined. The sources of new data are referenced. To make the work of users easier, we have included in our catalogue the results of the catalogue WEB, with agreement of the author.

Key words: catalogs -- stars: general -- stars: kinematics

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