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Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 133, 411-425

The Arcetri spectral code for thin plasmas

E. Landi and M. Landini

Send offprint request: E. Landi

Department of Astronomy and Space Science, University of Florence, I-50125, Italy

Received February 19; accepted June 30, 1998


The Arcetri spectral code allows to evaluate the spectrum of the radiation emitted by hot and optically thin plasmas in the spectral range 1 - 2000 Å. The database has been updated including atomic data and radiative and collisional rates to calculate level population and line emissivities for a number of ions of the minor elements; a critical compilation of the electron collision excitation for these elements has been performed. The present version of the program includes the CHIANTI database for the most abundant elements, the minor elements data, and Fe III atomic model, radiative and collisional data.

Key words: atomic data - plasmas -- solar atmosphere -- stellar atmosphere -- ultraviolet: general -- astronomical data bases: miscellaneous

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