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A&A Supplement series, Vol. 129, May I 1998, 505-515

Received April 1; accepted October 6, 1997

Determination of the temperatures of selected ISO flux calibration stars using the Infrared Flux Methodgif

D.E. Blackwell - A.E. Lynas-Gray

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Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics Laboratory, Keble Road, Oxford OX1 3RH, UK


Effective temperatures for 420 stars with spectral types between A0 and K3, and luminosity classes between II and V, selected for a flux calibration of the Infrared Space Observatory, ISO, have been determined using the Infrared Flux Method (IRFM). The determinations are based on narrow and wide band photometric data obtained for this purpose, and take into account previously published narrow-band measures of temperature. Regression coefficients are given for relations between the determined temperatures and the photometric parameters (B2-V1), (b-y) and (B-V), corrected for interstellar extinction through use of Hipparcos parallaxes. A correction for the effect of metallicity on the determination of integrated flux is proposed. The importance of a knowledge of metallicity in the representation of derived temperatures for Class V, IV and III stars by empirical functions is discussed and formulae given. An estimate is given for the probable error of each temperature determination.

keywords: stars: fundamental parameters -- temperatures

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