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A&A Supplement series, Vol. 128, February II 1998, 111-116

Received October 9, 1996; accepted June 16, 1997

CCD photometry of a tex2html_wrap_inline832 Scuti variable in an open cluster

III. V 465 Persei in the tex2html_wrap_inline834 Persei cluster

S.-L. Kim tex2html_wrap880 - S.-W. Lee tex2html_wrap882

Send offprint request: S.-L. Kim

tex2html_wrap884  Korea Astronomy Observatory, Taejon, 305-348, Korea
tex2html_wrap886  Department of Astronomy, Seoul National University, Seoul, 151-742, Korea


We present the results of real-time CCD differential photometry for the tex2html_wrap_inline832 Scuti variable V 465 Per. The observations were performed for thirteen nights between November, 1994 and January, 1995. Total 3345 points of differential V magnitudes were collected during the observation period of 76.4 hours. From the Fourier analysis, we have detected four frequencies as follows; f1=14.040 c/d, f2=17.208 c/d, f3=33.259 c/d and f4=13.721 c/d. Two frequencies of 12.50 c/d and 33.49 c/d detected previously by Slovak (1978, ApJ 223, 192) may correspond to our f1 and f3, respectively. For each frequency, pulsation constants of tex2html_wrap_inline854, tex2html_wrap_inline856, tex2html_wrap_inline858 and tex2html_wrap_inline860 were derived from several observational properties of V 465 Per. Only the value of Q3 is found to be within the range of theoretical p-mode oscillations and the other ones show large differences relative to the theoretical values. The high Q-values might be interpreted as the occurrence of g-mode oscillations in V 465 Per, even though it can not rule out the possibility of systematic errors (Breger 1990; Delta Scuti Star Newsletter, 2, 13) related to rotational velocity.

keywords: stars: individual: V 465 Per -- stars: oscillations -- stars: tex2html_wrap_inline832 Sct

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