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4. Presentation of the results

Determinations of the heliocentric radial velocity tex2html_wrap_inline704, of tex2html_wrap_inline726, and of tex2html_wrap_inline730 (together with the corresponding radius tex2html_wrap_inline766) are listed in Table 3 (click here). The V(r) and tex2html_wrap_inline752 profiles are presented in Fig. 1 (click here), and also in Table 4, which is proposed in electronic form only. Tables 1 (click here) through 4 are available from the CDS.

  figure246  figure254
Figure 1: Profiles of rotation velocities and velocity dispersions

Col. (2): tex2html_wrap_inline704, heliocentric radial velocity, in kms-1;
Col. (3): tex2html_wrap_inline726, central velocity dispersion, in kms-1;
Col. (4): tex2html_wrap_inline730, maximum rotation velocity, in kms-1;
Col. (5): tex2html_wrap_inline766, the radius at which tex2html_wrap_inline730 has been measured, in arcsec.
Table 3: Kinematical results

Our results are summarized as follows:


We are endebted to the telescope operators at the Observatoire de Haute-Provence for their continuous support. We are pleased to thank A. Pharasyn for his help during one of the observing runs, and the referee, G. Busarello, for his valuable comments. We have made use of the Lyon-Meudon Extragalactic Database supplied by the LEDA team.

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