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A&A Supplement series, Vol. 123, June II 1997, 495-506

Received May 14; accepted October 10, 1996

The accuracy of parameters determined with the core-sampling method: Application to Voronoi tessellations

A.G. Doroshkevichtex2html_wrap1105 - S. Gottlöbertex2html_wrap1107 - S. Madsentex2html_wrap1109

Send offprint request: S. Gottlöber,

tex2html_wrap1111  Theoretical Astrophysics Center, Juliane Maries Vej 30, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark
tex2html_wrap1113  Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam, An der Sternwarte 16, D-14482 Potsdam, Germany
tex2html_wrap1115  Copenhagen University, Astronomical Observatory, Juliane Maries Vej 30, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark


The large-scale matter distribution represents a complex network of structure elements such as voids, clusters, filaments, and sheets. This network is spanned by a point distribution. The global properties of the point process can be measured by different statistical methods, which, however, do not describe directly the structure elements.

The morphology of structure elements is an important property of the point distribution. Here we apply the core-sampling method to various Voronoi tessellations. Using the core-sampling method we identify one- and two-dimensional structure elements (filaments and sheets) in these Voronoi tessellations and reconstruct their mean separation along random straight lines. We compare the results of the core-sampling method with the a priori known structure elements of the Voronoi tessellations under consideration and find good agreement between the expected and found structure parameters, even in the presence of substantial noise. We conclude that the core-sampling method is a potentially powerful tool to investigate the distribution of such structure elements like filaments and walls of galaxies.

keywords: large-scale structure of Universe -- methods: statistical

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