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A&A Supplement series, Vol 121, March 1997, 489-497

Received May 1; accepted June 10, 1996

Physical studies of asteroids

XXXI. Asteroid photometric observations with the Carlsberg Automatic Meridian Circle

J. Piironentex2html_wrap967tex2html_wrap969 - P. Magnussontex2html_wrap971 - C.-I. Lagerkvisttex2html_wrap973tex2html_wrap975 - I.P. Williamstex2html_wrap977 - M.E. Buontempotex2html_wrap979 - L.V. Morrisontex2html_wrap981

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tex2html_wrap983  Astronomiska observatoriet, Box 515, S-75120 Uppsala, Sweden
tex2html_wrap985  Astronomical Observatory, Box 14, FIN-00014 Helsinki, Finland
tex2html_wrap987  Queen Mary & Westfield College, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS, UK
tex2html_wrap989  Royal Greenwich Observatory, Madingley Rd, Cambridge, CB3 0EZ, UK
tex2html_wrap991  Institute for Planetary Exploration, DLR, Berlin, Germany


Photometric observations of 74 asteroids obtained with the Carlsberg Automatic Meridian Circle between January 1990 and December 1993 are presented. The data from individual asteroid apparitions have been fitted by phase curves based on the standard HG magnitude system. Statistics on mean G-values for different types of asteroids are presented. A few new determinations of asteroid rotation periods are presented. In addition, we analyse magnitude-aspect relations, and derive ellipsoidal shape models for some asteroids.

keywords: minor planets -- photometry

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