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Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 143, 211-213

Galactic Cepheids. Catalogue[*] of light-curve parameters and distances

L.N. Berdnikov, A.K. Dambis, and O.V. Vozyakova

Send offprint request: L.N. Berdnikov

Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Universitetskii pr. 13, Moscow 119899, Russia

Received July 2, 1998; accepted January 25, 2000


We report a new version of the catalogue of distances and light-curve parameters for Galactic classical Cepheids. The catalogue lists amplitudes, magnitudes at maximum light, and intensity means for 455 stars in BVRI filters of the Johnson system and $(RI)_{\rm C}$ filters of the Cron-Cousins system. The distances are based on our new multicolour set of PL relations and on our Cepheid-based solution for interstellar extinction law parameters and are referred to an LMC distance modulus of 18.25.

Key words: Cepheids

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