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4 Results

From the LEDA database we extracted galaxies having coordinates less accurate than 10 arcsec and having a known apparent diameter. The procedure described in Sect. 2 was applied. Sometimes, the galaxy could not be identified in a secure manner, either because several objects were in the field or because of the absence of a visible galaxy. This last case was explained by a discrepancy larger than 3 arcmin or by a poor quality of the image which made the identification difficult. Nevertheless, the identification of the galaxy was made easier by sorting them according to decreasing diameters: the right galaxy has nearly the same diameter as the previous one. Further, we were guided by the axis ratio and position angle extracted from LEDA. The skipped galaxies will be analyzed later in a more detailed manner (larger field and measurement of all galaxies in the field). Finally, 6771 galaxies were measured. In addition, another sample of 9322 galaxies was measured with a similar method with the purpose of checking the master list of galaxies indexed in HYPERCAT. When coordinates come from both sources (L and H) a simple mean can be used because both methods are assumed to have the same weight.
Table 2: Beginning of the final table of galaxy coordinates. The full table is available in electronic form
PGC Name RA - DEC (2000)
    This paper
PGC 0000016 MCG -1- 1- 17 000011.3-050931 H
PGC 0166785 IRAS23576+6945 000014.3+700159 L
PGC 0000025 UGC 12891 000019.2+225928 H
PGC 0000031 FAIR 1061 000023.6-470107 H
PGC 0000039 UGC 12892 000025.2+075118 H
PGC 0000042 FAIR 1062 000026.8-423250 H
PGC 0000038 UGC 12893 000028.0+171310 H
PGC 0000038 UGC 12893 000028.2+171309 L
PGC 0089491   000029.2-604050 H
PGC 0000055 UGC 12898 000037.4+333605 H
PGC 0000081 NGC 7802 000100.4+061436 H
PGC 0000077 MCG 6- 1- 4 000103.7+343911 L
PGC 0000080 IC 5375 000104.9+043231 H
PGC 0000096 UGC 12903 000108.4+062017 H
PGC 0000095 MCG 6- 1- 6 000115.7+365810 L
PGC 0000103 UGC 12907 000127.3+181128 H
PGC 0000110 UGC 12910 000128.4+052322 L
PGC 0000118 MCG 2- 1- 14 000134.0+150450 H
PGC 0000148 UGC 12917 000152.4+402012 H
PGC 0000147 CGCG 456- 16 000158.0+213715 H
PGC 0000094 UGC 12905 000200.4+803832 H
PGC 0100355   000201.2+145837 L

In Table 2 we present the final list of 17615 accurate coordinates for 17298 galaxies. The sources are the following: 1522 galaxies come from our control sample, 6771 galaxies come from the LEDA index and 9322 from HYPERCAT. 317 galaxies are in common between the two lists. The following data are given:
Column 1: PGC number according to LEDA.
Column 2: Alternate name according to LEDA (Paturel et al. 1989).
Column 3: 2000-RA and DEC. from the present paper.
Column 4: label L for galaxies from LEDA, H for HYPERCAT.

After having loaded these coordinates, 162702 galaxies have accurate coordinates in our LEDA database among the 184431 ones (i.e. 88%). Another campaign of measurement will be needed.

We thank H.G. Corwin for his careful reading of the manuscript.

We made use of the ESO facility in Münich for retrieving images from the Digitized Sky Survey produced at the Space Telescope Science Institute under US Government grant NAG W-2166. It is based on photographic data obtained using The UK Schmidt Telescope and the Palomar Sky Survey.

The UK Schmidt Telescope was operated by the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, with funding from the UK Science and Engineering Research Council, until 1988 June, and thereafter by the Anglo-Australian Observatory. Original plate material is copyright (c) the Royal Observatory Edinburgh and the Anglo-Australian Observatory. The plates were processed into the present compressed digital form with their permission.

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