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4 Summary

Some basic parameters of the considered galaxies are collected in Table 2. Its lines contain: (1) -- the standard major and minor diameters of the galaxy from the RC3; (2) -- the total apparent magnitude; (3) -- the adopted value of galactic extinction; (4) -- the radial velocity with respect to the centroid of the Local Group; (5, 6) -- the mean magnitude and mean colour of the three brightest blue stars; (7, 8) -- the photometric distance modulus and corresponding linear distance; (9) -- the absolute magnitude of the galaxy.

As one can see from these data the radial velocities of all 5 galaxies lie in the narrow interval: [+250, +350] km/s. At the same time their photometric distance estimates differ by more than a factor 3. Apparently, this indicates significant peculiar (non-Hubble) motions inside the Canes Venatici cloud. We intend to discuss the kinematics of this nearby complex when the program of measurements of individual distances to galaxies in CVn is completed.

Table 2: Basic parameters of the CVn galaxies

{\vert l\vert rrrrr\vert} \hline
 Parameter & N 4144& N 4244 & N...
 ... (mag) & $-$17.94& $-$17.62 &$-$17.52& $-$17.52& $-$14.99 \\ \hline\end{tabular}


The authors thank Leo Takalo and Pekka Heinämäki for their participation in the observations. This work is supported by INTAS-RFBR grant N95-IN-RU-1390.

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