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1. Introduction

The Hamburg Quasar Survey (Hagen et al. 1995; hereafter Paper I) covers tex2html_wrap_inline114613600 deg2 of the northern sky (tex2html_wrap_inline1120) at galactic latitudes tex2html_wrap_inline1118 with digitized objective prism plates. Given effective and robust search techniques the digitized database of objective prism spectra is well-suited to make searches for objects with low surface densities in the sky. The search technique currently used to select bright (tex2html_wrap_inline115417.5) QSO candidates from the database has developed with growing experience. We present here a first list of 121 spectroscopically verified QSOs observed during 1986-1991, while experiments were made to optimize the selection technique over a wide range of optical brightnesses (13tex2html_wrap_inline115619.5) corresponding to the full dynamical range of the Schmidt objective prism plates. For details on the Schmidt observations and the digitization method we refer to Paper I.

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