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A&A Supplement series, Vol. 128, February II 1998, 139-144

Received February 17; accepted June 19, 1997

Four colour photometry of binary systems

III. The early-type binary system CR Cassiopeiaegif,gif

R. Clement and J. Fabregat

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Departamento de Astronomıa y Astrofısica, Universidad de Valencia, Dr. Moliner 50, E-46100 Burjassot, Valencia, Spain


This paper presents new uvby light curves of the detached eclipsing binary CR Cas together with some tex2html_wrap_inline927 measurements. From the analysis of the photometry we have estimated preliminary values for interstellar reddening and distance, radiative parameters of both components and an approximation to the geometrical elements of the system. The intrinsic photometric indices are compatible with spectral types B0.5V + B1V.

keywords: stars: binaries: eclipsing -- stars: early- type -- stars: fundamental parameters -- stars: individual: CR Cas

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