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A&A Supplement series, Vol. 127, January II 1998, 181-184

Received December 3, 1996; Accepted April 7, 1997

New detections of H2O maser sources on the 13.7 m radio telescope of Purple Mountain Observatorygif

F. Han tex2html_wrap788, R.Q. Mao tex2html_wrap788, J. Lu tex2html_wrap788, Y.F. Wu tex2html_wrap794, J. Sun tex2html_wrap796, J.S. Wang tex2html_wrap788, C.C. Pei tex2html_wrap788, Y. Fan tex2html_wrap796, G.S. Tang tex2html_wrap796, and H.R. Ji tex2html_wrap806

Send offprint request: R.Q. Mao

tex2html_wrap808  Purple Mountain Observatory, Academia Sinica, 210008, Nanjing, PR China
tex2html_wrap810  Department of Geophysics, Beijing University, 100871, Beijing, PR China
tex2html_wrap812  Department of Astronomy, Beijing Normal University, 100875, Beijing, PR China
tex2html_wrap814  Beijing Astronomical Observatory, Academia Sinica, 100080, Beijing, PR China


Observations of H2O maser sources on the 13.7 m radio telescope of Purple Mountain Observatory from 1990 Aug. to 1994 Jan. are summarized. For searching new water masers, the total number of search candidates is about 360, with 110 objects detected. Among them are 96 new detections. A list of the new detections and their spectra are presented.

keywords: masers -- radio lines: general; ISM; stars

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