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A&A Supplement Series, Vol. 126, December I 1997, 237-240

Received December 5, 1996; accepted March 3, 1997

Near-IR photometry of southern X-ray binary systems

M.J. Coe tex2html_wrap819 - D.A.H. Buckley tex2html_wrap821 - J. Fabregat tex2html_wrap823 - L.A. Steele tex2html_wrap825 - M.D. Still tex2html_wrap827 - J.M. Torrejon tex2html_wrap823

Send offprint request: M.J. Coe
tex2html_wrap831 Physics Dept., The University, Southampton, SO17 3BJ, UK
tex2html_wrap831  S.A.A.O., P.O. Box 9, Observatory 7935, South Africa
tex2html_wrap833  Departmento de Astronomia, Universidad de Valencia, 46100 Burjassot, Spain
tex2html_wrap835  Astrophysics Group, Liverpool John Moores Univ, Liverpool, L3 3AF, UK
tex2html_wrap837  University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, KY16 9SS, UK


We report IR measurements of 30 optical counterparts to a group of possible and probable High Mass X-ray Binaries (HMXRBs). In the majority of the systems these measurements represent the first reported IR flux values. In common with many other similar systems, the results show the presence of a strong, frequently variable IR signal. The implications of some of the results are discussed.

keywords: stars: binaries -- X-rays: stars

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