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A&A Supplement Series, Vol. 126, December I 1997, 241-245

Received July 11; accepted November 7, 1996

The observations and analyses of an eruptive prominence

L. Kejuntex2html_wrap826 and Z. Shuhuatex2html_wrap828

tex2html_wrap508  CCAST(World Laboratory), Beijing P.O. Box 8730, Beijing 100080, P.R. China
tex2html_wrap508  Yunnan Observatory, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R. Chinagif


The tornado-shaped eruptive prominence on 29 August 1990 has been analysed in three aspects in this paper: morphological evolution, spectral diagnosis and kinematic characteristics. It is found that: (1) the altitude of the prominence uniformly increased, then evenly decreased. The rising velocity of the altitude of the prominence was about twice as large as the falling velocity. (2) the materials in the prominence spiraled to rise, then after reaching the climax, they dropped in succession. The observations showed that the flux ropes were already twisted when they emerged. (3) During the period of the development of the prominence, three loop structures were formed, with intermittent material ejection. The shape of an eruptive prominence and its changes with time could be an important factor for studying properties of eruptive prominences. The observations have also been explained qualitatively in this paper.

keywords: Sun: activity -- Sun: prominence, flare

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