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A&AS Supplement Series, Vol 126, November II 1997, 31-37

Received January 13; accepted February 17, 1997

The Potsdam contribution to the extragalactic link of the Hipparcos proper motion system

S. Hirtetex2html_wrap1046, E. Schilbachtex2html_wrap1046, and R.-D. Scholztex2html_wrap1046

Send offprint request: S. Hirte
tex2html_wrap1046 WIP Astronomie, Universität Potsdam, An der Sternwarte 16, D-14482 Potsdam, Germany


Absolute proper motions of 360 Hipparcos stars in 24 fields well distributed over the northern sky were derived from measurements of photographic plates taken mainly with the Tautenburg Schmidt telescope (134/200/400 cm). In each field (about 10 square degrees) a large number of galaxies was used to link the proper motions to the extragalactic reference system. Because of systematic magnitude-dependent errors, which affect the proper motion determination of bright stars, only the 256 stars with tex2html_wrap_inline1034 were used to determine the spin parameters of the Hipparcos system. The accuracy of the final result is 0.5 mas/yr for all three spin parameters.

keywords: astrometry -- methods: statistical -- reference systems -- catalogs -- stars: kinematics

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