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A&AS Supplement Series, Vol. 125, November I 1997, 453-458

Received November 10, 1996; accepted January 29, 1997

High resolution interferometry of the QSO 1422+202

L.B. Bååthtex2html_wrap1040 - F. Mantovanitex2html_wrap1042 - F.T. Rantakyrö tex2html_wrap1042

Send offprint request: F. Mantovani
tex2html_wrap517 Centre for Imaging Technologies, Halmstad University, S-301 18 Halmstad, Sweden
tex2html_wrap517  Istituto di Radioastronomia del C.N. R., Via P. Gobetti, I-40129 Bologna, Italy


We present VLA A-array observations at 8.4 and 15GHz and European VLBI Network (EVN) observations at 1.6GHz of the radio source 1422+202. It is suggested that 1422+202 is a Medium-size Object in the evolutionary sequence from Compact Steep-spectrum Sources to larger sized radio sources. The VLBI data were analysed with the phase referencing technique and we show that the EVN can work as a phase stable instrument for separations between the calibrator source and the target source up to tex2html_wrap_inline1028. With the VLA and VLBI observations we investigate some of the issues about the nucleus of 1422+202 and we discuss the possible cause for the low frequency variability detected while monitoring the source.

keywords: galaxies: jets -- quasars: QSO 1422+202 -- radio continuum: galaxies

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