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A&A Supplement Series, Vol. 125, November I 1997, 399-405

Received April 10, 1996; accepted January 14, 1997

A catalogue of the observations of the mutual phenomena of the Galilean satellites made in 1991 during the PHEMU91 campaign

J.E. Arlottex2html_wrap1049, C. Ruattitex2html_wrap1049, W. Thuillottex2html_wrap1049, J. Arsenijevictex2html_wrap1055, R. Baptistatex2html_wrap1057, J. Barroso Jr.tex2html_wrap1057, C. Bauertex2html_wrap1061, J. Berthiertex2html_wrap1049, C. Blancotex2html_wrap1065, P. Bouchettex2html_wrap1067, J. Bourgeoistex2html_wrap1069, H.J.J. Buldertex2html_wrap1071, R. Burchitex2html_wrap1073, J.A. Canotex2html_wrap1075, R. Casastex2html_wrap1077, F. Chauvettex2html_wrap1079, D. Chistex2html_wrap1081, F. Colastex2html_wrap1049, J. Colintex2html_wrap1079, V. D'Ambrosiotex2html_wrap1087, G. De Angelistex2html_wrap1089, G. De Benedettotex2html_wrap1091, H. Denzautex2html_wrap1093, J.M. Desbatstex2html_wrap1079, P. Descampstex2html_wrap1049, A. Dipaolantoniotex2html_wrap1073, A. Dumitrescutex2html_wrap1101, L. Farcastex2html_wrap1103, M. Federspieltex2html_wrap1105, T. Flatrèstex2html_wrap1107, M. Froeschlétex2html_wrap1109, O. Gheregatex2html_wrap1103, J.M. Gomez-Forrelladtex2html_wrap1075, J. Guarrotex2html_wrap1075, O. Hainauttex2html_wrap1067, A. Horvattex2html_wrap1103, G. Helmertex2html_wrap1109, D. Hubetex2html_wrap1123, Y. Itotex2html_wrap1125, M. Kidgertex2html_wrap1077, J. Lecacheuxtex2html_wrap1129, J.F. Le Campiontex2html_wrap1079, J.C. Le Flochtex2html_wrap1133, A. Mallamatex2html_wrap1135, B.E. Martintex2html_wrap1123, J.F. Mellilotex2html_wrap1139, C. Meyertex2html_wrap1109, S. Molautex2html_wrap1143, G. Montignactex2html_wrap1079, B. Morandotex2html_wrap1049, B. Nicolettex2html_wrap1149, B. Nitschelmtex2html_wrap1149, G. Oprescutex2html_wrap1101, A. Piersimonitex2html_wrap1073, D. Przewoznytex2html_wrap1143, V. Protitch-Benishektex2html_wrap1055, M. Rapaporttex2html_wrap1079, A. Rioutex2html_wrap1107, J.J. Sacrétex2html_wrap1107, F. Sèvretex2html_wrap1167, V. Shkodrovtex2html_wrap1169, J. Souchaytex2html_wrap1125, H. Takamitex2html_wrap1173, R. Taylortex2html_wrap1061, D.J. Tholentex2html_wrap1177, V. Turcutex2html_wrap1081, R. Vasundharatex2html_wrap1181, J. Vidaltex2html_wrap1075, D.T. Vutex2html_wrap1049, G. Whitetex2html_wrap1061, and R.P. Wildstex2html_wrap1189

Send offprint request: J.-E. Arlot
1 Bureau des longitudes, URA 707 du CNRS, 77 avenue Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris, France; 2 Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil; 3 Istituto di Astronomia, Catania, Italy; 4 European Southern Observatory, La Silla, Chile; 5 Reux, Belgique; 6 Zoetermeer, The Netherlands; 7 Osservatorio di Collurania, Teramo, Italy; 8 Instituto Astrofisico di Canarias, Teneriffe, Spain; 9 Observatorul Astronomic Cluj, Cluj Napoca, Romania; 10 Observatoire de Bordeaux, France; 11 Roseto degli Abruzzi, Teramo, Italy; 12 GAR, Reggio Calabria, Italy; 13 Essen, Germany; 14 Heuweiler, Germany; 15 Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur, France; 16 GEA, Barcelona, Spain; 17 Department of Physics, University of Alberta, Canada; 18 Sendai-City, Myagi, Japan; 19 Observatoire de Paris, France; 20 Clichy, France; 21 Hughes STX Corporation, Lanham Md, U.S.A.; 22 ASL, Holtsville NY, U.S.A.; 23 Astronomical Observatory, Berlin, Germany; 24 Observatoire de Genève, Suisse; 25 Institutul Astronomic, Bucuresti, Romania; 26 Observatoire de Belgrade, Yougoslavie; 27 La Primaudière, France; 28 IAP, Paris, France; 29 Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria; 30 CRL, Tokyo, Japan; 31 Institute of Astronomy, Hawaii University, U.S.A.; 32 Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India; 33 University of Western Sydney, Nepean, Sydney, Australia; 34 NEKAAL, Topeka, Kansas, U.S.A.; 35 Astronomical Institute, Timisoara, Romania


In this paper, all the light-curves obtained during the PHEMU91 campaign of observations of the mutual phenomena of the Galilean satellites are presented. These observations give accurate astrometric positions of major interest for dynamical studies of the motion of the Galilean satellites. The aim of this work is to give observational data directly usable for theoretical studies. We made 374 observations of 111 mutual events from 56 sites. The corresponding data are given in this papergif. The accuracy of each observation has been deduced from a comparison with the theoretical predictions. For each observation, information is given about the telescope, the receptor, the site and the observational conditions.

keywords: Jupiter -- Galilean satellites -- occultations -- astrometry

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