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A&A Supplement Series, Vol. 125, October II 1997, 337-341

Received January 20; accepted January 22, 1997

New variable stars in the globular cluster NGC 288 gif

J. Kaluznytex2html_wrap879 - W. Krzeminskitex2html_wrap881 - M. Nalezytytex2html_wrap879

Send offprint request: J. Kaluzny
tex2html_wrap885  Warsaw University Observatory, Al. Ujazdowskie  4, 00-478 Warsaw, Poland
e-mail: (jka,nalezyty)
tex2html_wrap885  Carnegie Observatories, Las Campanas Observatory, La Serena, Cailla 601, Chile


We report discovery of 3 new faint variables in the globular cluster NGC 288: 2 SX Phe stars and 1 contact binary. Both SX Phe variables are blue stragglers. The contact binary is located below cluster turnoff, slightly to the red of the main sequence. New photometry of 6 previously known variables is also presented. We note that 26 out of a total 43 SX Phe stars identified recently in tex2html_wrap_inline865 Cen and NGC 288 exhibit V-band light curves with full amplitudes smaller than 0.10 mag. The sample of known SX Phe stars is likely to be significantly incomplete in regard to the low amplitude variables gif.

keywords: globular clusters: individual: NGC 288 -- stars: variables: other -- blue stragglers -- stars: horizontal-branch -- binaries: close

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