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A&A Supplement Series, Vol. 125, October I 1997, 99-138

Received October 21, 1996; accepted January 2, 1997

A large scale CO survey of the Galactic center region

M. Bitrantex2html_wrap1846, H. Alvareztex2html_wrap1846, L. Bronfmantex2html_wrap1846, J. Maytex2html_wrap1846, - P. Thaddeustex2html_wrap1854

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tex2html_wrap1856  Departamento de Astronomía, Universidad de Chile, Casilla 36-D, Santiago, Chile
tex2html_wrap1858  Harvard-Smithonian Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.


We present the data from a CO(tex2html_wrap_inline1810) survey of the central region of our Galaxy. The observations were obtained with the 1.2-m Southern Millimeter-wave Telescope at Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory, Chile. This instrument has a full beam-width at half maximum (FWHM) of tex2html_wrap_inline1812 at 115 GHz, the frequency of the observed transition. The survey covers a strip 4tex2html_wrap_inline1814 wide in latitude along the galactic equator in the range tex2html_wrap_inline1816. The spatial sampling interval was tex2html_wrap_inline1818 (0.85 beam-widths) for tex2html_wrap_inline1820, and tex2html_wrap_inline1822 (1.7 beam-widths) for tex2html_wrap_inline1824. The velocity coverage allowed by the filterbank was of 333 km s-1 with a resolution of 1.3 km s-1 at 115 GHz. For the central few degrees (tex2html_wrap_inline1830) where this velocity span was not wide enough, two spectra, taken with different velocities with respect to the local standard of rest (VLSR), were combined in order to cover the full range of the galactic center CO emission. The antenna temperature noise level of the spectra was tex2html_wrap_inline1832 K (rms). The data are presented in a latitude-longitude spatial map and in sets of longitude-velocity and latitude-velocity diagrams. This survey combines the characteristics of being very sensitive and well sampled, and of having one of the widest and more homogeneous spatial coverage of the region within tex2html_wrap_inline1834 kpc from the galactic center.

keywords: surveys -- ISM: molecules -- Galaxy: center -- radio lines: ISM

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