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A&A Supplement Ser., Vol. 124, September 1997, 559-571

Received November 12; accepted December 16, 1996

Revised photometric distances to nearby dwarf galaxies in the IC 342/Maffei complex

I. Karachentsev tex2html_wrap1238 - I. Drozdovsky tex2html_wrap1240 - S. Kajsin tex2html_wrap1238 - L.O. Takalo tex2html_wrap1244 - P. Heinämäki tex2html_wrap1244 - M. Valtonen tex2html_wrap1244

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tex2html_wrap1250  Special Astrophysical Observatory, N.Arkhyz, Stavropolski Kraj 357147, Russia
tex2html_wrap1252  Astronomical Institute, St.-Petersburg State University, Petrodvoretz 198904, Russia
tex2html_wrap1254  Tuorla Observatory, Turku, Finland


The results of DAOPHOT photometry of several hundred stars in five irregular galaxies are presented using V and I CCD frames, obtained with the Nordic Optical Telescope under a 0.6 arcsec seeing. Based on the brightest blue and red stars we estimate the following distances to the galaxies: 3.2 Mpc for UGCA 105, 2.6 Mpc for UGCA 86, 1.8 Mpc for UGCA 92, 1.7 Mpc for NGC 1569, and 1.7 Mpc for Cas 1. The problem of membership of the galaxies to the IC 342/Maffei complex is briefly discussedgif.

keywords: galaxies: irregular -- galaxies: distances -- galaxies: stellar content

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