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A&A Supplement Ser., Vol. 124, July 1997, 61-74

Received September 18; accepted October 24, 1996

A survey of the stellar rotation in barred galaxiesgiftex2html_wrap_inline1344

D. Bettoni tex2html_wrap1358 - G. Galletta tex2html_wrap1360

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tex2html_wrap1362  Osservatorio Astronomico, Vicolo dell' Osservatorio, 5, I-35122 Padova, Italy
tex2html_wrap1364  Dipartimento di Astronomia, Universitá di Padova, Vicolo dell'Osservatorio, 5, I-35122 Padova, Italy


We present stellar velocity- and velocity dispersion- data for 13 SB0 galaxies and one SBa, based on 61 spectra collected during a long-term project developed at ESO. Our primary goal is to provide a database widest as possible for the study of the stellar velocity and velocity dispersion fields and for future modeling. New data are presented for six galaxies, while for the remaining SB0s particular kinematical aspects were already discussed in previous papers.

We found the following results: a) emission lines were detected in our spectra only for 4 out of 14 galaxies considered. When present, they reveal a very peculiar kinematics, including counter-rotation, warps or radial flows. b) A new case of gas counter-rotation has been found: NGC 7079. c) The velocity dispersion along the bar has a smoother trend than in the rest of the galaxy. However there is, in general, a similarity between the velocity dispersion trend (decreasing or flat) measured along the bar and that outside it. d) The existence of a waving pattern in the stellar rotation curves of bars is confirmed for the galaxies of our sample seen inclined between 30 and tex2html_wrap_inline1346. In addition to this effect, the percentage of non-circular stellar motions present in the barred galaxies studied may reach the 20%.

keywords: galaxies: kinematics and dynamics -- galaxies: elliptical and lenticular

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