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3. Name of galaxies

We collected the most common names among 40. The different acronyms used are listed in Table 1 (click here) with their abbreviation and the number of occurrences. Some names designate several objects (e.g. UGC1 designates two galaxies, PGC 00177 and PGC 00178). In such cases the name is given to both objects between parentheses.

   Table 1: List of acronyms

Since our first catalog of Principal Galaxies (PGC Paturel et al. 1989, 1989a) we have added many new galaxies in LEDA database. Each galaxy created in LEDA database receives a permanent LEDA number. (with the acronym LEDA). Note that LEDA number is identical to PGC number for running number less than 73198. PGC numbers are sorted according to right ascension and declination for epoch 2000.

Many galaxies are known by their lexical name. These names are useful for some nearby large galaxies (Dwingeloo 1 and 2; Maffei 1 and 2 etc...). The equivalence of these names is given in Table 2 (click here).

   Table 2: Galaxies known by their lexical name

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