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2. Observations

The data consist of 29 observing runs in the U and B photometric bands obtained from 1985 to 1994. The duration of the runs varied from 55 min to 5 hours. Furthermore, there are 6 additional observational series in the standard UBV system, 5 of them longer than 3 hours. All observations were carried out with the one-channel photometers attached to the 60-cm Carl Zeiss telescopes of the Rozhen and Belogradchik Observatories of the BAS. The observations were processed with the reduction software described in Kirov et al. (1991). The star ``c" of the sequence of Götz (1985) was used as a comparison star. The magnitudes of this star were taken from Shafter et al. (1985). The integration time was 10 s.

Table 1: Observational series of TT Arietis

The whole available observing data were used for the analysis of the photometric behavior of TT Ari. Details of the observing runs are given in Table 1 (click here). Apart from this series, there are more than 300 individual measurements in the standard UBV system. Part of them have been already published by Kraicheva et al. (1987) and Kraicheva et al. (1989). The rest will be presented in a forthcoming publication. All published photometrical observations of TT Ari that contain useful information have been collected and also used in the analysis.

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