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Fe xvii 2p–3s Line Ratio Diagnostic of Shock Formation Radius in O Stars

Gabriel J. Grell, Maurice A. Leutenegger and Chintan Shah
The Astrophysical Journal 917 (2) 105 (2021)

Long-term X-ray variability of the symbiotic system RT Cru based on Chandra spectroscopy

A Danehkar, M Karovska, J J Drake and V L Kashyap
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X-Ray Flare Oscillations Track Plasma Sloshing along Star-disk Magnetic Tubes in the Orion Star-forming Region

Fabio Reale, Javier Lopez-Santiago, Ettore Flaccomio, Antonino Petralia and Salvatore Sciortino
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X-ray spectrum emitted by the impact of 129Xe26+ of the different kinetic energies on Au surface

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M F Gu
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Energy levels, radiative rates, and electron impact excitation rates for transitions in O VII

K. M. Aggarwal and F. P. Keenan
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A brief review of the intensity of lines 3C and 3D in neon-like Fe XVII

G V Brown
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ChandraX‐Ray Sources in the Collapsed‐Core Globular Cluster M30 (NGC 7099)

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An ATCA radio-continuum study of the Small Magellanic Cloud - IV. A multifrequency analysis of the N 66 region

W. A. Reid, J. L. Payne, M. D. Filipovic, et al.
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Laboratory Measurements of the Relative Intensity of the 3[CLC][ITAL]s[/ITAL][/CLC] → 2[CLC][ITAL]p[/ITAL][/CLC] and 3[CLC][ITAL]d[/ITAL][/CLC] → 2[CLC][ITAL]p[/ITAL][/CLC] Transitions in F[CLC]e[/CLC] [CSC]xvii[/CSC]

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Discovery of Narrow X-Ray Absorption Lines from NGC 3783 with the [ITAL]Chandra[/ITAL] High Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer

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SN Ia Enrichment in Virgo Early‐type Galaxies fromROSATandASCAObservations

A. Finoguenov and C. Jones
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