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Doppler imaging of a southern ApSi star HD 152564

I Potravnov, T Ryabchikova, N Piskunov, Y Pakhomov and A Kniazev
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Probable nature of HD 196821: Is the star a cool HgMn?

Şeyma Çalışkan, Kübraözge Ünal, Doğus Özuyar, Tolgahan Kılıçoğlu, Aslı Elmaslı, Ergün Özgür and Yahya Nasolo
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Modeling the Hα Emission Surrounding Spica Using the Lyman Continuum from a Gravity-darkened Central Star

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Observing and modelling the young solar analogue EK Draconis: starspot distribution, elemental abundances, and evolutionary status

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Differential abundance analysis of Procyon and θ Sculptoris: Comparison with abundance patterns of solar‐like pairs

Charles R. Cowley, Kutluay Yüce and Donald J. Bord
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New Beta Cephei Stars from the KELT Project

Jonathan Labadie-Bartz, Gerald Handler, Joshua Pepper, Luis Balona, Peter De Cat, Daniel J. Stevens, Michael B. Lund, Keivan G. Stassun, Joseph E. Rodriguez, Robert J. Siverd, David J. James and Rudolf B. Kuhn
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An investigation of four chemically peculiar stars with photometric periods below 12 h

Stefan Hümmerich, Klaus Bernhard, Ernst Paunzen, et al.
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HD 66051, an eclipsing binary hosting a highly peculiar, HgMn-related star

Ewa Niemczura, Stefan Hümmerich, Fiorella Castelli, et al.
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Search for Tidally Driven Anomalies in the Atmospheres of Am Stars

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Physical Orbit for λ Virginis and a Test of Stellar Evolution Models

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A High‐Resolution Spectral Atlas of α Persei from 3810 to 8100 Å

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An empirical temperature calibration for the $\Delta \textit{a}$ photometric system

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