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Chromatic optical polarization of BL Lac: while faint and bright

Elena Shablovinskaya, Eugene Malygin and Dmitry Oparin
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 519 (3) 3798 (2023)

Determination of the Physical Parameters of AGNs in Seyfert 1 Galaxies LEDA 3095839 and VII Zw 244 Based on Spectropolarimetric Observations

Elena Shablovinskaya, Mikhail Piotrovich, Eugene Malygin, Stanislava Buliga and Tinatin Natsvlishvili
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YFPOL: A Linear Polarimeter of Lijiang 2.4 m Telescope

Yu-Xin Xin, Jin-Ming Bai, Zhong-Quan Qu, et al.
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Universal focal reducer for small telescopes

Victor L. Afanasiev, Vladimir R. Amirkhanyan, Roman I. Uklein, Alexander E. Perepelitsyn, Eugene A. Malygin, Elena S. Shablovinskaya and Irina V. Afanasieva
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Adriano Ghedina, Filippo Ambrosino, Massimo Cecconi, Manuel D. Gonzalez, Luis Riverol, Marcos Hernandez Díaz, Héctor Pérez Ventura, José Juan San Juan, Jose Guerra, Marcello Lodi, Nauzet Hernandez, Marco De Benedetto, Alessandro Papitto, Francesco Leone, Franco Meddi, Ennio Poretti, Christopher J. Evans, Julia J. Bryant and Kentaro Motohara
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Rapid Polarized Emission Variability of Blazar S5 0716+714 in Optical Range

V. S. Bychkova, N. S. Kardashev, K. L. Maslennikov, et al.
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Polarization imaging model considering the non-ideality of polarizers

Jie Yang, Su Qiu, Weiqi Jin, Xia Wang and Fuduo Xue
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Spectropolarimetry of Seyfert 1 galaxies with equatorial scattering: black hole masses and broad-line region characteristics

V L Afanasiev, L Č Popović and A I Shapovalova
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Point by point calibration method for simultaneous polarization imaging system based on large field polarization imaging theory

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WIRC+Pol: A Low-resolution Near-infrared Spectropolarimeter

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The intraday variations of the polarization vector direction in radio source S5 0716+714

Elena S Shablovinskaya and Viktor L Afanasiev
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A compact jet at the infrared heart of the prototypical low-luminosity AGN in NGC 1052

K R W Tristram, D Asmus, E Lopez-Rodriguez, et al.
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RoboPol: a four-channel optical imaging polarimeter

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Multispectral and polarimetric photodetection using a plasmonic metasurface

Charles Pelzman and Sang-Yeon Cho
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Multispectral imager-polarimeter of the "AEROSOL-UA" space project

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Theory and analysis of a large field polarization imaging system with obliquely incident light

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CIRCE: The Canarias InfraRed Camera Experiment for the Gran Telescopio Canarias

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The phase-polarization curve of asteroid (3200) Phaethon†

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Spectropolarimetry of Galactic stars with anomalous extinction sightlines

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The awakening of BL Lacertae: observations by Fermi, Swift and the GASP-WEBT★

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Polarimetry of the transient relativistic jet of GRB 110328/Swift J164449.3+573451

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Astrobiological Polarimeter

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