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Optical Properties and Variability of the Be X-Ray Binary CPD-29 2176

Clarissa M. Pavao, Noel D. Richardson, Jonathan Labadie-Bartz, Herbert Pablo and André-Nicolas Chené
The Astrophysical Journal 959 (2) 131 (2023)

Non-LTE Monte Carlo radiative transfer – III. The thermal properties of tilted and warped Be star discs

M W Suffak, C E Jones, A C Carciofi and T H de Amorim
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The Orbital and Physical Properties of Five Southern Be+sdO Binary Systems

Luqian 茜 Wang 王璐, Douglas R. Gies, Geraldine J. Peters and Zhanwen Han
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Photometric Classification of Evolved Massive Stars: Spectroscopic Verification and Validation

Ishan F. Ghosh-Coutinho, Trevor Z. Dorn-Wallenstein, Emily M. Levesque and James R. A. Davenport
Research Notes of the AAS 7 (11) 253 (2023)

Interferometric Detections of sdO Companions Orbiting Three Classical Be Stars

Robert Klement, Gail H. Schaefer, Douglas R. Gies, Luqian Wang, Dietrich Baade, Thomas Rivinius, Alexandre Gallenne, Alex C. Carciofi, John D. Monnier, Antoine Mérand, Narsireddy Anugu, Stefan Kraus, Claire L. Davies, Cyprien Lanthermann, Tyler Gardner, Peter Wysocki, Jacob Ennis, Aaron Labdon, Benjamin R. Setterholm and Jean-Baptiste Le Bouquin
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First high-resolution optical spectra of the distant emission-line star VES 723 (IRAS 02110+6212)

A S Miroshnichenko, V G Klochkova, E L Chentsov, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 507 (1) 879 (2021)

The Be Star 66 Ophiuchi: 60 Years of Disk Evolution

K. C. Marr, C. E. Jones, A. C. Carciofi, A. C. Rubio, B. C. Mota, M. R. Ghoreyshi, D. W. Hatfield and L. R. Rímulo
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Swift J011511.0-725611: discovery of a rare Be star/white dwarf binary system in the SMC

J A Kennea, M J Coe, P A Evans, et al.
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ν Gem: A Hierarchical Triple System with an Outer Be Star

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Optical spectroscopy of Galactic field classical Be stars

Gourav Banerjee, Blesson Mathew, K T Paul, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 500 (3) 3926 (2020)

A naked-eye triple system with a nonaccreting black hole in the inner binary

Th. Rivinius, D. Baade, P. Hadrava, M. Heida and R. Klement
Astronomy & Astrophysics 637 L3 (2020)

Not so fast: LB-1 is unlikely to contain a 70 M⊙ black hole

Kareem El-Badry and Eliot Quataert
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters 493 (1) L22 (2020)

Phase-dependent Study of Near-infrared Disk Emission Lines in LB-1

Jifeng Liu, Zheng Zheng, Roberto Soria, Jesus Aceituno, Haotong Zhang, Youjun Lu, Song Wang, Wolf-Rainer Hamann, Lida M. Oskinova, Varsha Ramachandran, Hailong Yuan, Zhongrui Bai, Shu Wang, Brendan J. McKee, Jianfeng Wu, Junfeng Wang, Mario Lattanzi, Krzysztof Belczynski, Jorge Casares, Jonay I. González Hernández and Rafael Rebolo
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The Hα line emission of the Be star β Psc: the last 40 yr

Ronaldo S Levenhagen, Marcos P Diaz, Eduardo B Amôres and Nelson V Leister
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 501 (1) 747 (2020)

A New Look into Putative Duplicity and Pulsations of the Be Star β CMi*

P. Harmanec, M. Švanda, D. Korčáková, R. Chini, A. Nasseri, S. Yang, H. Božić, M. Šlechta and L. Vanzi
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Prevalence of SED Turndown among Classical Be Stars: Are All Be Stars Close Binaries?

Robert Klement, A. C. Carciofi, T. Rivinius, R. Ignace, L. D. Matthews, K. Torstensson, D. Gies, R. G. Vieira, N. D. Richardson, A. Domiciano de Souza, J. E. Bjorkman, G. Hallinan, D. M. Faes, B. Mota, A. D. Gullingsrud, C. de Breuck, P. Kervella, M. Curé and D. Gunawan
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Evidence for Different Disk Mass Distributions between Early- and Late-type Be Stars in the BeSOS Survey

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Classification of Spectra of Emission Line Stars Using Machine Learning Techniques

Pavla Bromová, Petr Škoda and Jaroslav Vážný
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Precessing Warped Be Disk Triggering the Giant Outbursts in 2009 and 2011 in A 0535 + 262/V725 Tau

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Emission-line stars discovered in the UKST Hα survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud - I. Hot stars

Warren A. Reid and Quentin A. Parker
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On the binary nature of the γ-ray sources AGL J2241+4454 (= MWC 656) and HESS J0632+057 (= MWC 148)

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The pulsations of the B5IVe star HD 181231 observed with CoRoT and ground-based spectroscopy

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Warm Gas in the Inner Disks around Young Intermediate‐Mass Stars

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H. Saio, C. Cameron, R. Kuschnig, et al.
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$\mathsf{\alpha}$ Eridani: rotational distortion, stellar and circumstellar activity

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Myron A. Smith and Luis Balona
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On the nature of pre-main sequence candidate stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud

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Properties of the Hα‐emitting Circumstellar Regions of Be Stars

Christopher Tycner, John B. Lester, Arsen R. Hajian, et al.
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Classical Be Stars

John M. Porter and Thomas Rivinius
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The RCW 114 nebula: An old supernova remnant or a WR wind-blown bubble?

B. Y. Welsh, S. Sallmen, S. Jelinsky and R. Lallement
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A Study of π Aquarii during a Quasi‐normal Star Phase: Refined Fundamental Parameters and Evidence for Binarity

Karen S. Bjorkman, Anatoly S. Miroshnichenko, David McDavid and Tatiana M. Pogrosheva
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Non-radial pulsation, rotation and outburst in the Be starωOrionis from the MuSiCoS 1998 campaign

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Spectroscopy of B-type emission-line stars with compact dusty envelopes: HD 85567, Hen 3-140, and Hen 3-1398

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Discrete Structures in the CS Envelope of the Be star ζ Tau

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The Be/X-ray transient V0332+53: evidence for a tilt between the orbit and the equatorial plane?

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On the Line Profile Variations and Nonradial Pulsation Modes of ζ Tauri (HD 37202)

Anthony B. Kaye and Douglas R. Gies
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