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Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 146, 359-363

A supplementary list of southern nearby dwarf galaxy candidates[*]

V.E. Karachentseva 1 - I.D. Karachentsev 2

Send offprint request: I.D. Karachentsev

1 - Astronomical Observatory of Kiev University, 04053, Observatorna 3, Kiev, Ukraine
2 - Special Astrophysical Observatory of Russian Academy of Sciences, N. Arkhyz, KChR, 369167, Russia

Received May 29; accepted July 4, 2000


To improve the census of the Local Volume galaxies, we carried out a systematic search for nearby dwarf galaxies in a declination range of $D < -18\hbox{$^\circ$ }$ based on the ESO/SERC film copies. As a result, we present a list of 81 nearby dwarf galaxy candidates of low surface brightness which have angular diameters $\mathrel{\mathchoice {\vcenter{\offinterlineskip\halign{\hfil
$\displaystyle .... Half of the objects have been found for the first time. This sample may be considered as supplementary to our list of 95 southern nearby dwarf galaxy candidates (A&AS, 1998, 127, 409) which have been detected in the same declination range around the known Local Volume galaxies.

Key words: dwarf galaxies

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