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Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 145, 255-261

Lightcurves of 10 Hygiea, 241 Germania and 509 Iolanda

M.J. López-González - E. Rodríguez

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Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía, CSIC, P.O. Box 3004, E-18080 Granada, Spain

Received February 23; accepted May 10, 2000


The asteroids 10 Hygiea, 241 Germania and 509 Iolanda have been studied photometrically. From their lightcurves, synodic periods of 27.63 $\pm$ 0.02, 15.51 $\pm$ 0.01 and 12.72 $\pm$ 0.02 hours, and amplitudes of $0\hbox{$.\!\!^{\rm m}$ }28$, $0\hbox{$.\!\!^{\rm m}$ }17$ and $0\hbox{$.\!\!^{\rm m}$ }45$, have been deduced for 10 Hygiea, 241 Germania and 509 Iolanda, respectively. The period found for 241 Germania is a significant revision from one previously published, and we present a first indication of pole orientation and shape. A synodic period is obtained for 509 Iolanda. The solution obtained for the sense of rotation, sidereal period, pole orientation and shape properties for 10 Hygiea confirms previous results.

Key words: minor planets, asteroids -- techniques: photometric

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