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Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 142, 425-432

Photometric distances to six bright resolved galaxies[*]

I.O. Drozdovsky 1 - I.D. Karachentsev 2

Send offprint request: I. Drozdovsky;

1 - Astronomical Institute, St.-Petersburg State University, Petrodvoretz 198904, Russia
2 - Special Astrophysical Observatory, N. Arkhyz, KChR 357147, Russia

Received September 27; accepted October 18, 1999


We present photometry of the brightest stars in six nearby spiral and irregular galaxies with corrected radial velocities from 340 to 460 km s-1. Three of them are resolved into stars for the first time. Based on luminosity of the brightest blue stars we estimate the following distances to the galaxies: 5.0 Mpc for NGC 784, 9.2 Mpc for NGC 2683, 8.9 Mpc for NGC 2903, 4.1 Mpc for NGC 5204, 6.8 Mpc for NGC 5474, and 8.7 Mpc for NGC 5585.

Key words: galaxies: distances -- galaxies: general

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