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Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 142, 369-371

Proper motions of Luyten Catalogue stars with declinations between -5° and -30° and right ascensions between 13h 30m and 24h[*]

H. Wroblewski and E. Costa

Send offprint request: H. Wroblewski

Departamento de Astronomía, Universidad de Chile, Casilla 36-D, Santiago, Chile

Received September 14; accepted December 22, 1999


Proper motions, coordinates and finding charts are given for 166 Luyten Catalogue (LTT, Luyten 1957) stars re-discovered as a result of a search for high proper motion stars carried out in nineteen 5 $^\circ \times 5^\circ$ areas, located between $-5^\circ$ and $-30^\circ$ in declination and between 13h 30m and 24h in right ascension. An estimated precision level between 8 and 19 mas/year was achieved for the proper motions. A comparison with the LTT data is presented.

Key words: astrometry -- stars: kinematics

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