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Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 139, 537-543

Hydrogen content in Kazarian galaxies

V.S. Tamazian

Astronomical Observatory "Ramon Maria Aller'', University of Santiago de Compostela, P.O. Box 197, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Received November 5; accepted August 6, 1999


Several H I related astrophysical parameters such as neutral hydrogen total mass and hydrogen mean projected density, indicative total mass as well as usual ratios $M_{{\rm H}}/L_{0}$, $M_{{\rm H}}/M_{{\rm i}}$ and $M_{{\rm i}}/L_{0}$ for 23 galaxies from Kazarian lists are derived. Their variation ranges are rather wide almost coinciding with those for normal galaxies belonging to the same morphological types. Kazarian galaxies do not constitute a homogeneous sample by any of the commonly used H I related parameters. Comparison with Markarian and blue Haro galaxies demonstrate that Kazarian galaxies have quite similar H I properties and contain rather high relative numbers ( $\approx30\%$) of peculiar objects. Brief comments on the peculiar galaxies Kaz 63, Kaz 65, Kaz 69 and Kaz 211 are given.

Key words: UV-excess galaxies -- Kazarian galaxies -- hydrogen content

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