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Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 138, 581-582

The TAROT observatory data management

M. Bringer1 - M. Boër1 - C. Peignot1 - G. Fontan2 - C. Merce2

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1 - Centre d'Études Spatiales des Rayonnements, CNRS, 9 Av. du Colonel Roche, 31028 Toulouse Cedex 04, France
2 - Laboratoire d'Analyses et d'Architectures des Systèmes, 7 Av. du Colonel Roche, 31077 Toulouse Cedex 04, France

Received December 18, 1998; accepted March 12, 1999


TAROT (Télescope à Action Rapide pour les Objets Transitoires, Rapid Action Telescope for Transient Objects) is an autonomous ground based observatory (Calern, France) whose primary goal is the rapid detection of variable objects, peculiarly optical counterparts of Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) sources. We present the observatory data management architecture which is composed of 3 main modules: The MAJORDOME module whose aim is to optimally schedule the observation requests sent to the telescope through socket connections, e-mail or even a web interface, The CONTROL module which monitors the hardware, and a data processing software TAITAR which detects, deblends, measures, classifies sources and detects variable objects by comparison with a catalogue. This paper will mainly focus on the MAJORDOME.

Key words: technique: image processory -- telescopes GRB

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