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Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 134, 483-487

The Hamburg Quasar Survey[*] [*] [*]

III. Further new bright quasars

H.-J. Hagen - D. Engels - D. Reimers

Send offprint request: H.-J. Hagen

Hamburger Sternwarte, Gojenbergsweg 112, D-21029 Hamburg, Germany

Received July 9; accepted September 3, 1998


We present a further list of 274 bright QSOs, 106 (195) of which have $B\mathrel{\mathchoice {\vcenter{\offinterlineskip\halign{\hfil
$\displaystyle ... (17.5), selected semiautomatically from objective prism plates taken with the Calar Alto 80cm Schmidt telescope. All QSOs have been confirmed by follow-up spectroscopy and we display their flux-calibrated spectra. We also discuss the completeness of our search technique and demonstrate that for $0.1 \le z < 3.2$ and $B \le 17$ we have been able to recover roughly 85% of known QSOs; 10% were lost due to overlaps while 5% were lost during the selection process. In particular the bright $z \ge 2$ QSOs (17 with $B\mathrel{\mathchoice {\vcenter{\offinterlineskip\halign{\hfil
$\displaystyle ... ) are potential targets for follow-up spectroscopy both at high-resolution from the ground and in the ultraviolet from space.

Key words: surveys -- quasars: general

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