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Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 134, 359-364

Observations of Bn and An stars: New Be stars

K.K. Ghosh1,2[*], K.M.V. Apparao3 and S. Pukalenthi1

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1Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Vainu Bappu Observatory, Kavalur, Alangayam, Vellore, TN 635 701, India
2Space Sciences Laboratory, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center, Mail Code ES84, Huntsville, AL 35812, U.S.A.
3Department of Physics, University of Bombay, Bombay 400 098, India
e-mail: and

Received August 10; accepted August 24, 1998


From a survey of spectra of Bn/An stars, we have detected seven new Be stars: HR 1056 (A0Vn), 1544 (A1Vn), 2191 (A0Vnn), 2300 (B8Vn), 3134 (B9.5 Vn), 3878 (B0.5 IIIn) and 4552 (B9IIIpSi). H$_\alpha$ profiles of these stars are presented. Measured values of equivalent widths, full widths at half intensity maximum, and the peak-separations of the H$_\alpha$ emission profiles are also tabulated in this paper. We have also computed the radii of emission disks of the newly detected Be stars.

Key words: stars: emission-line, Be

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