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Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 134, 87

Photographic observations of visual double stars[*]

D.M.D. Jasinta - M. Raharto - E. Soegiartini

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Bosscha Observatory, Lembang 40391, Bandung, Indonesia
Department of Astronomy, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Jl. Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia

Received May 25; accepted July 17, 1998


The photographic observations of 72 visual double stars are presented. The observations were made in the years 1992-1997 with the 60-cm double refractor of the Bosscha Observatory at Lembang.

Key words: astrometry -- binaries: visual

This is the continuation of the work published earlier (Jasinta et al. 1995). We present the photographic observations of visual double stars collected at the Bosscha Observatory. The table contains the analysis results for 72 pairs observed in the years 1992-1997, photographed in 90 plates.

The same method of observing, measuring, and reducing described by van Albada-van Dien (1983) was used. Plates with multiple exposures were taken with the 60-cm Zeiss double-refractor. Trails were taken to determine the direction of the zero-point of the position angle. Plates were collected by Moedji Raharto. Measurements using the Leitz UWM3 machine were carried out by E. Soegiartini and D.M.D. Jasinta. Only good quality plates were measured.

A new computer programme developed by the first author was used for the reductions. Plate scale of $19\hbox{$.\!\!^{\prime\prime}$}169 \pm 0\hbox{$.\!\!^{\prime\prime}$}001~{\rm mm}$ was adopted. Following the method of reduction by van Albada-van Dien (1983), we take the mean of different plates by taking plate error into account, by adding 120 to the square of the mean error of $\rho$ expressed in unit of $0\hbox{$.\!\!^{\prime\prime}$}001$. Unit weight was given to a resulting error of $0\hbox{$.\!\!^{\prime\prime}$}1$.If there are more than one plate of the same object observed in the same year, the total weight is the sum of each weight.

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