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Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 131, 319

Catalogue of HII regions measured on 6 m telescope plates at Observatoire de Marseille[*]

H. Petit, P. Figon, and M. Petit

Send offprint request: H. Petit

Observatoire de Marseille, 2 place Le Verrier, F-13248 Marseille Cedex 04, France

Received March 16; accepted March 19, 1998


Several galaxies were studied at Observatoire de Marseille using the films obtained at the 6 m telescope with the Great Focal Reducer installed at the prime focus of the russian telescope.

We thought that before we retire, it should be of some interest for the astronomical community to find in a single catalogue all the data we published to facilitate the research. (see hereunder the references).

We give in this catalogue the data of the following galaxies: M 33, M 51, M 81, NGC 2403, NGC 4258 and NGC 7331. NGC 4258 was not studied with the 6 m telescope, but we added its results because it was published by the same team using the same softwares. For NGC 7331 (see Petit 1998).

The flux values are followed by*; that means that they are not absolute fluxes like in the other publications.

In order to make the catalogue easier to consult, we homogeneised the data. So, one can find some slight differences between the original data and the catalogue ones. The details of these modifications are precised in the Readme file associated to the catalogue in the data base. We did not keep the remarks so it is necessary to look at the original publication to find the full information.

We give the whole references hereunder to facilitate the research of the original articles.

Key words: galaxies: ISM -- HII regions -- catalogues

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