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5. Conclusions

Using high resolution spectra of a large sunspot umbra obtained with FTS of the McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope of NSO/NOAO at Kitt Peak, we have been able to identify two new bands (2-0) and (2-1) of the tex2html_wrap_inline1491-tex2html_wrap_inline1491 system of FeH molecule. Previously, the two bands (0-0) and (1-0) were identified. The new identification of more than 500 FeH lines in the umbral spectrum confirms that this molecule accounts for the majority of lines in sunspot umbrae in the spectral range tex2html_wrap_inline2395 Å; tex2html_wrap_inline2397. The presence of FeH lines in sunspot umbral spectra offers the possibility to study the higher layers in the umbral atmosphere. The variation of equivalent widths with rotational quantum number reflects the rotational temperature of these layers (Mulchaey 1989; Fawzy et al. 1997, in preparation).

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