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5. Notes on individual galaxies

  Ho IX and NGC 2976 are too large to be reasonably photometered with the tex2html_wrap_inline1836 Tektronix tex2html_wrap_inline1838 CCD camera's limited field of view. Therefore the given values of the different parameters should be taken as lower or upper limits respectively.

The radial profile of BK 5N seems to indicate a "nucleus'' apparent in the R band only. It appears on HST images that this feature is in fact a background galaxy (Caldwell et al. 1998).

Kar 61 is classified in this paper as a dE,N. This galaxy has recently been shown by Johnson et al. (1997) to contain a ionHii region, and they suggest that this galaxy might be a dwarf irregular.

DDO 71 seems to have an "off centre'' nucleus, see Fig. 1 (click here).


T.B. and B.B. thank the Swiss National Science Foundation for financial support. We thank Pierre Lesaffre for measuring the colours of the cirrus clouds discussed in Appendix A. To obtain the IRAS image shown in Fig. A4 (click here), we have been a Guest User, Canadian Astronomy Data Center, which is operated by the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory for the National Research Council of Canada's Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics.

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