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A&A Supplement series, Vol. 129, April I 1998, 9-22

Received February 24; accepted September 9, 1997

Photoelectric photometry and period analysis of selected Delta Scuti stars in Praesepegif

J.H. Peñatex2html_wrap1615 - R. Penichetex2html_wrap1615 - M.A. Hobarttex2html_wrap1619 - A. Rollandtex2html_wrap1621 - P. López de Cocatex2html_wrap1621 - M. Paparotex2html_wrap1625 - L. Parraotex2html_wrap1615 - C. de la Cruztex2html_wrap1629 - J.I. Olivarestex2html_wrap1621 - V. Costatex2html_wrap1621 - C. Ibanoglutex2html_wrap1635 - A.Y. Ertantex2html_wrap1635 - O. Tumertex2html_wrap1635 - S. Evrentex2html_wrap1635 - Z. Tuncatex2html_wrap1635

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tex2html_wrap1645  Instituto de Astronomıa, UNAM. Ap. Postal 70-264, México
tex2html_wrap1647  Facultad de Fısica, UV, Ap. Postal 270, Xalapa, Ver. México
tex2html_wrap1649  Instituto de Astrofısica de Andalucıa, Apdo. 3004, 18080, Granada, Spain
tex2html_wrap1651  Konkoly Observatoty, Box 67, H-1525 Budapest XII, Hungary
tex2html_wrap1653  Ege University Observatory, Bornova - Izmir, Turkey


Photoelectric photometry of seven Delta Scuti stars in Praesepe was secured. Three of them were observed simultaneously at observatories located at different longitudes. Period analysis has been carried out for each star with different computing packages and the results compared to those in the literature. Their physical characteristics have been determined from the Strömgren photometry and theoretical and empirical calibrations.

keywords: stars: Delta Scuti: open clusters: Praesepe -- stars: oscillations

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