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A&A Supplement series, Vol. 129, April I 1998, 155-156

Received August 18; accepted September 3, 1997

Stark broadening of spectral lines of multicharged ions of astrophysical interest

XVIII. Si XI and Si XIII spectral linesgif

M.S. Dimitrijevictex2html_wrap749 - S. Sahal-Bréchottex2html_wrap751

Send offprint request: M.S. Dimitrijevic

tex2html_wrap753  Astronomical Observatory, Volgina 7, 11050 Belgrade, Yugoslavia
tex2html_wrap755  Laboratoire "Astrophysique, Atomes et Molécules", Département Atomes et Molécules en Astrophysique, Unité associée au CNRS 812, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, 92190 Meudon, France


Using a semiclassical perturbation approach, we have calculated electron-, proton-, and He III-impact line widths and shifts for 4 Si XI multiplets for perturber densities 1018- 1023 cm-3 and temperatures tex2html_wrap_inline725 K, and for 61 Si XIII multiplets for perturber densities 1016- 1023 cm-3 and temperatures tex2html_wrap_inline735 K. For lower perturber densities, obtained results are linear with perturber density.

keywords: lines: profile -- atomic data -- plasmas

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