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A&A Supplement series, Vol. 128, March I 1998, 325-330

Received June 23; accepted June 25, 1997

CCD photometry and distances of six resolved irregular galaxies in Canes Venatici

N.A. Tikhonov and I.D. Karachentsev

Special Astrophysical Observatory, Russian Academy of Sciences, N. Arkhyz, Stavropolsky kraj, 357147, Russia


The results of detailed B,V imaging of six nearby irregular galaxies with radial velocities V0 < 300 km/s are presented. Except for one all the galaxies have been resolved into stars for the first time. Based on photometry of the brightest blue stars we derived the following distances to the galaxies: 3.6 Mpc for NGC 4163, 3.5 Mpc for NGC 4190, 8.6 Mpc for UGC 7298, 4.8 Mpc for UGC 7577, 3.7 Mpc for UGC 8308, and 4.0 Mpc for UGC 8320.

keywords: galaxies: irregular -- galaxies: distances -- galaxies: stellar content

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