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1. Introduction

Stark widths and shifts of Ca IX and Ca X lines are obviously of interest for the laboratory plasmas, fusion plasmas and laser produced plasmas research as well as for testing and developing of the Stark-broadening theory for multicharged ion lines. Due to the abundance of calcium, such data are of interest for the consideration of solar and stellar plasma, particularly for subphotospheric layers, as well as for radiative transfer considerations. They are also of importance for the investigations of regularities and systematic trends particularly along isoelectronic sequences.

This paper is the seventeenth of a series devoted to the investigation of Stark broadening parameters of spectral lines of multicharged ions (see Dimitrijevic & Sahal-Bréchot 1995 and references therein, as well as Dimitrijevic & Sahal-Bréchot 1996a,b, 1997). As the continuation of our work with the objective to provide to astrophysicists and plasma physicists Stark broadening parameters needed for research on astrophysical and laboratory plasmas, we have calculated within the semiclassical-perturbation formalism (Sahal-Bréchot 1969a,b), electron-, proton-, and He III-impact line widths and shifts for
4 Ca IX and 48 Ca X multiplets.

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