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A&A Supplement series, Vol. 128, March I 1998, 251-254

Received May 22; accepted July 11, 1997

Four-colour photometry of eclipsing binaries

XXXVI. Light curves of the O7V+O9V system V 3903 Sagittariigif,gif

L.P.R. Vaztex2html_wrap937, N.C.S. Cunhatex2html_wrap939, J. Andersentex2html_wrap941, J.V. Clausentex2html_wrap941, J.M. Garciatex2html_wrap945, A. Giméneztex2html_wrap947, B.W. Caseytex2html_wrap949, and S. de Kofftex2html_wrap951

Send offprint request: L.P.P. Vaz at address 1

tex2html_wrap953  Departamento de Fisica, ICEx, UFMG, C.P. 702, 30161-970 Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

tex2html_wrap955  Laboratorio de Astrofisica Espacial y Fisica Fundamental, INTA, Apdo. 50727, 28080 Madrid, Spain

tex2html_wrap957  Astronomical Observatory, NBIfAFG, Juliane Maries Vej 30, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

tex2html_wrap959  Departamento de Fisica, E.U.I.T. Industriales, UPM, Ronda de Valencia 3, E-28012 Madrid, Spain

tex2html_wrap961  Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucıa, Apdo. 3004, E-18080 Granada, Spain

tex2html_wrap963  Department of Astronomy, University of Wisconsin, wadison, Wisconsin 53706, U.S.A.

tex2html_wrap965  Sterrewacht Leiden, Leiden University, Niels Bohrweg 2, 2333 CA Leiden, The Netherlands

tex2html_wrap967  Space Telescope Science Institute, 3700 San Martin Drive, Baltimore, MD 21218, U.S.A.


Complete uvby light curves of the young detached double-lined massive O-type eclipsing binary V 3903 Sagittarii, obtained from 1989 to 1994, are presented. The observations were obtained at two different sites and a discussion of the characteristics of both data sets is included.

keywords: binaries: eclipsing: spectroscopic -- stars: individual: V 3903 Sgr -- stars: early-type

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